Distance Consultations

Need our support and not in our area? We happily offer distance consultation though phone, email, or video chat.

Are you out of the PAWSitively Happy Home Service area, and still need help addressing your dogs behaviour? PAWSitively Happy Home is now offering distance consultations. Provided by phone, email, online chat or video call! We’ll support you through basic training problems and concerns to more complex behavioural issues. 

                                                                                 Pricing  (+HST on all services)

30 minute consult $65
1 hour consultation $120

How does it work?
Please send an email with your concerns to michelle@pawsitivelyhappyhome.com.  You will then be sent an intake form so we can get more information about your areas of concern to be best prepared for your distance consultation and save you time and money!
You will then be scheduled for a consultation at a mutually beneficial time and through the communication method of your preference. Within 48 hours following your session you will be sent a recording of your session**, follow up notes along with valuable online resources and links to assist you with your dog.  You will be also be granted access to our Client Only Facebook group where you get a lifetime of free support, access to hundreds of free resources, like educational posts, webinars and printables.

*some behaviour issues may not be appropriate for distance consultations and you will be referred to a preferred professional in your area who can assist you with in person with your issue.

**recording only available for video consultations.

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