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Come home to  a happier more relaxed dog. 


Professional Dog Walking Services


We recognize that exercise is an important aspect of a dog’s overall health and well-being.  We also understand that families can be busy and to provide all the exercise your dog needs can be difficult at times.  This is why we offer dog walking services as well.

Our dog walkers receive intense training from PHH owner and Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant Michelle Black.  All dog walkers are insured, receive pet first aid training and adhere to PHH’s highest standards of animal care and customer service.

Dog walks can occur one on one or with a group and all walks implement positive reinforcement training techniques.  All your walks come with a photo and detailed update on your dog’s walk.

30 minutes ………………….. $20*
45 minutes ………………….. $25*

*Add $5 for each additional dog.



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