“PAWSitively Happy Home has brought us so much relief in correcting our dog’s bad behaviours! Michelle is extremely dedicated to her clients- both human and canine. Michelle has been available for any questions we have after our sessions with her and it seems like she is only a phone call/ text/ email away!
We researched a lot of different dog trainers before picking PAWSitively Happy Home. The reason we chose PHH was because Michelle was the ONLY trainer who answered us back with specific answers to our questions, and broke down our questions in paragraphs to ensure she answered them all! All the other trainers we contacted ( roughly 7 of them) gave us cookie- cutter responses, that seemed like they just copied and pasted from a pre set list.
We were very anxious of how having a individual trainer would be ( we had a bad experience at Petsmart training) but after the first session our anxiety was put to rest! We noticed changes in our dogs behaviour after our first session!! We could not believe it!!!
One thing to note is that Michelle can teach you the tools you need to have a happy dog- but it is up to you as a pet parent to keep up with the techniques that Michelle has taught. She is really not a dog trainer, she is more of a human trainer! She has educated us so much, that we are forever grateful! I would recommend PHH to anyone and everyone! If you want dedication, passion, and a personable experience- then PHH is certainly what you are looking for!!!” Pam, Crosby’s Mom

“Michelle came to help us with our puppy when she was a few months old and it was like night and day between before the training and after. She goes far beyond training the dog and works directly with people to reshape the way they interact with their dogs. I absolutely loved having her as a trainer and would recommend her to anyone looking to create a better bond with their pup!” Sarah, Koda’s Mom

“Michelle is fantastic. She really takes the time to listen and get to know you and your dog, offering advice and training best suited to you.” Sarah L

“Michelle is awesome. She came to my place to help train my dog, she did wonders. Very knowledgable and personable. You can she’s there for the animals, and the animals know it! Asia loves her!” Brandy, Asia’s Mom

“Michelle is always ready with helpful advice for any issues I have with my dogs. She never makes me feel silly for asking a question, and genuinely cares for her clients (both two legged and four) and wants to make a difference. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for help with doggy behaviour, or even just wanting to help their pet acquire new fancy skills.” Dawn

“Michelle is the best! She’s patient, kind and quite obviously loves our animals as much as we do. She has taken my Dane from puppy to gentleman and I couldn’t be more pleased with his progress.” Ninja’s Mom

“Michelle is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and really cares about helping the puppies and people get off to a good start.” Kristen

“Thanks again so much for your help with Zoey. We cannot believe the differences in such a short time frame. It has left us feeling a lot less anxious about the changes coming up in our family.” Ashley

If you are looking for a dog trainer this is exactly who you should see!! With a kind companionate touch and positive training techniquesPAWSitively Happy Home: dog training and behaviour solutions is who you need to help you train your very special friend!!! Courtney

“Even my neighbours notice a difference in our walks!” Oscar’s Mom

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