Methods and Tools
Pawsitively Happy Home is a positive reinforcement based training professional. We believe the responsibility and accountability is on the teacher and not the learner and we should adjust to the learners needs. For that reason we will use a variety of reinforcers during our time together (food, access to resources, etc)  .

Prongs, chokes, and electronic collars are not permitted in be in use in the training space/ during our sessions together. We will support your safety and comfort in every way possible to achieve your goals- If you have any concerns with your safety and well being with your dog please reach out and we will work with you to ensure your safety

)Flexi/retractable  Leashes are not permitted in the class environment 

If you need to borrow a flat leash or collar while in class we will try to accommodate you based on our availability

Group classes: no refunds are available within 7 days of the start of class. This gives us time to offer your space to another participant
All refunds are subject to a $50 administrative fee

Private one on ones: one on ones must be rescheduled 48 hours prior to the session with exception of owner or canine illness. There are no refunds on package sessions and refunds for single sessions must be requested 72 hours prior to the appointment time, refunds are subjected to a $50 administrative fee.  

Missed Class- group classes 
If you miss more than 2 classes per set you will forfeit the class, and will not be eligible for a certificate of completion. If unable to attend class due to illness (person or canine) you may request a zoom link and attend the class virtually, there is also online resources to keep you UTD with the lessons 

Canine Health
Dogs who are showing illness*, infection, or parasitic infestation are not permitted to attend class. Dogs must be healthy for 48 hours prior to their class or session to be qualified to attend class **
* signs of illness include but are not limited to vomiting, diarrhoea, lethargy, nasal discharge, worms, fleas etc
** dogs/puppies who have previously been infected with Parvo virus MUST have written permission from vet they are cleared to participate in class)

Dogs in heat should refrain from attending class- a make up session will be arranged as classes permit

Bite history
Dogs with Bite histories must be disclosed at time of enrolment. PHH will then make determinations as to best services for them. Those who fail to disclose bite histories will have their services terminated without refund. If you have questions about this please do not hesitate to contact us (normal puppy mouthing of puppies under 6 months of age does not qualify as a bite history)

Suitability for services
At the sole discretion of PHH and its team members a dog may be deemed temperamentally unsuitable for the class environment. In that case the fees paid will be put towards private one on one training sessions. 

Client rights
Clients have the right to refuse any exercise they wish to not participate in with their dog. PHH is invested in your comfort and success. Open communication between client and trainer is key to your success. Client has the right to seek information and ask any training or behaviour questions to their trainer during sessions or reach out through email or our community group. The trainer will answer within the scope of of the current service or may refer you to the most appropriate service for you.  Things like new or worsening behaviour problems may need a private session or reassessment if you are not currently in a private session service 

Commitment to inclusion
PHH is an inclusive business who supports all races, sexualities, religions and abilities. All clients deserve a safe space to train their dog, reach their goals without fear of cruelty, harassment or bullying while feeling included and welcomed. Bullying or harassment of any participant or team member will not be tolerated and the offending parties will be asked to leave PHH and not return without refund.

PHH and all its members are always open to suggestions of how we can improve your experience and make you feel more included, supported and welcomed. If you feel we are missing something, please feel free to reach out with suggestions at



























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