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A little about London’s top dog training and behaviour experts


Michelle is a Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant (CDBC) and the founder and head trainer of PAWSitively Happy Home.  A lifelong animal lover she’s owned several dogs, cats, birds, fish and various other fuzzy critters. Dogs, however, have always had a special place in Michelle’s heart.

We understand the stress that a poorly behaved dog can have on the owner and the dog.  We work with you, teaching you to train your dog in a way that clearly communicates with them your desires and expectations. We use methods that motivate the dog to learn, and we never use fear or pain to accomplish our goals.  Even the most stubborn of dogs respond to our methods!

Our methods are firmly based in science and are used and developed by the world’s leading dog trainers and veterinary behaviourist.

Michelle has formal education in psychology, advanced behaviour modification, teaching strategies, positive systems approach, ethology, animal behaviour and welfare, anatomy and physiology, pedagogy, training methods, and applied behavioural analysis.  She has had the opportunity to study with and collaborate with excellent trainers and behavioural consultants that are respected, successful and internationally known.

Education and development is an integral part of developing our business and passion.  Michelle is a member of The Pet Professional Guild, The International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants,Family Paws Parent Education, Family Dog Mediation and others.  Continuing education a part of Michelle’s regular schedule and she takes having the best more accurate information very seriously .

Michelle is also a proud licensed educator for the Family Paws Parent Education.  Allowing her to share not only her love of dogs, but children and helping foster positive relationships between babies, toddlers and pets. As a busy mom herself she pulls from her own personal experience as well as her extensive educational background.

 Michelle’s journey into training happened when she adopted our dog, Braxton.  At the time a  6-year-old dog that was incredibly fearful- popular dog training techniques of the time did not fair well for this sensitive soul.
Michelle began to use her skills from her work with people who have experienced trauma and those with behavioural concerns and applied them to Braxton.  Michelle became obsessed with researching scientific-based dog training positive reinforcement training methods.

The change in Braxton was drastic.  The dog that was terrified of the world and all those in it to a dog who cheerfully approached people.  His obedience increased, and he was so happy!
Many of Michelle’s clients have met Braxton, the incredible and patient demo dog that works to help dog reactive dogs.

Over the years, we have added to our canine family through  and over and over again we have helped dogs come out of their shells, become more obedient and happier.

In late 2019, At the age of 20, our Beloved OG dog Braxton passed away, but his impact lives on ion all the work we do at PHH.  

Michelle & family now lives with their 4 dogs, a 12 year old Boxer- Sugar Ray, 6 Year Old Bull Terrier- Olive, 2 year Old Xolo -Gatsby, and Border Collie puppy, Birmingham. 


Tracy is an incredible member of the PHH team! Tracy is a certified Professional Dog Trainer and Certified Trick Dog Instructor.  She teaches group classes of puppy, intermediate, basic obedience and tricks. 
Tracy is a gifted speaker, instructor and dog trainer.  Her and her dog Balou compete and title in agility and tricks.  Tracy and Balou have worked hard with Balou’s reactivity and he accompanies to her day job as a gold smith (tracy is a muli-talented lady) . Continuing education has been an important part of Tracy’s dog training journey and she is always learning from a long list of instructors, trainers, and behaviour experts. Tracy brings with her her enthusiasm, humour, passion and empathy.  She is universally loved  by  her students.   


-Julia is the newest addition to the PHH team but is not new to dog training with over a decade of experience training and teaching professionally.  Julia is a talented trainer and competitor. 
Julia has a long history of training, competing and titling  in a variety of sports.  Julia has experience in agility, disc dog, scent work, rally and more! 
Julia also trains animals for commercial production work and has trained her dogs and cats for performances in commercials, TV, stage, and movies! 
Julia is foundation name in the sports world, not only as a competitor but also as the maker of some of the best toys for competition dogs as the owner of the company Need Some Sun 
Julia teaches puppy, basic, intro to sports, rally-O. Julia’s classes are full of excitement, fun and precision in training. 


Chris, the other half to Michelle.  Chris is an integral part of our board and train program- providing pet care and supplemental training. 

Chris, like Michelle grew up with dogs being his best friends- growing up with a Staffordshire Bull Terrier  and an American Pit Bull Terrier cross.  The love of dogs was a foundation at the beginning of our relationship and has lasted throughout (a few of our first dates were dog parks and dog friendly pub patios!) 

Chris is the proud dad to our son and 4 dogs.
Chris is passionate about bully breeds, brachycephalic breeds and hounds. He hopes we will soon see the end of BSL and welcome a staffie pup to the family! 

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