Below is a list of training options and prices, all prices are in Canadian Dollars and include taxes.

Private Training Packages

We have a variety of private training packages. These are best suited to one who would prefer learning in the comfort of their home or don’t want to waste precious time traveling, someone who  desires a customised plan or have a dog with a behaviour issue that is not compatible with a group class

Private Training Rates:

(all include unlimited email and/or phone support on topics we covered for as long as you own your dog)

1 session ……….$100

3 sessions………$280

5 sessions………$450

8 sessions ……….$715


**prices apply to London and direct surrounding area, travel premium may be applied to those who live out of town**

Group Classes

Group classes are an economical way to teach your dog and a great way to teach your dog to learn under distractions and socialize

Puppy (dogs under 6 months)….$185

Basic Manners (no prerequisite, dogs over 6 months)….$185

Intermediate Manners (Prerequisite, basic)……..$185

Reactive Dog Bootcamp (3 weeks, 2 hours each class)…. $360

Trick Class (basic obedience suggested )……..$160

Fun Scent Games (no prerequisite)……$150

Loose Leash Walking (4 weeks)….. $150

Rocket Recall (2weeks)…$75



Online Enrollment Available for classes


Puppy Best Start Program

A lot can go into preparing a puppy to be a great dog! We’re here to make it a bit easier.  A combination of day training and socialization.

Monday to Friday we pick your puppy up in the morning then take him on adventures through the city, work on obedience training and household manners in our home, socialize them with a variety of experiences, places, people, dogs and things.   We return your puppy around dinner time sleepy and ready for snuggles!

$450 per week

Puppies under 16 weeks only

Dog and Baby Preparation

Baby on the way and want to make sure your dog is prepared and everyone stays safe & happy? Our private in-home dog and baby preparation sessions are a great way to maximize success for this new adventure for your furry friend.  Receive information from the Dog & Storks program and internationally known and respected program created by Jen Shryock, whom Michelle mentored under.

4 visits (3 through pregnancy and one after)….. $360


Dog walking

Dog walks can occur one on one or with a group and all walks implement positive reinforcement training techniques.

30 minutes ………………….. $20*
45 minutes ………………….. $25*

*Add $5 for each additional dog.