Training isn’t just for puppies senior Dogs need enrichment too! This is our oldest guy Braxton, he’s 17 (look familiar? he’s the dog in our logo!!)

Senior dogs may not be able to keep up with long walks or play frisbee with the same intensity but we can address their mental wellness by providing low impact enrichment activities to keep them happy and healthy.

🐾 offer them food through a snuffle mat (You can purchase them through some vendors or Google how to DIY one!) or some softer food toys

🐾 low impact, short walks in new environments. New environments provide new smells.

🐾 teach them low impact tricks and skills (spin and twist)

🐾 simple nose work games like guessing the cup the treat is under

Regular vet visits are essential for keeping your senior dog in tip top shape for as long as possible!
Personally, I adore sharing my life with senior dogs! They bring us so much joy and it really is the golden years of pet ownership. Rescues and shelters often have senior dogs looking for homes, and they are often overlooked for younger dogs. Don’t be afraid of adopting a senior

(originally posted on Facebook May 8 2017)

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